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Depending on the retailer, the expiration date may be less than 30 days.

Eggs packed in cartons without the USDA grade logo are governed by the laws of their states.

"The first eggs were released, fertilized, and hatched in the ocean.

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You can store fresh shell eggs in their cartons in the refrigerator for four to five weeks beyond this date." Plants not under USDA inspection are governed by the state laws where the eggs are packed and/or sold.If a freshly laid egg is left at room temperature for a full day, it will not be as fresh as a week old egg that has been refrigerated between 33 degrees F. Egg cartons with the USDA grade shield on them, indicating they came from a USDA-inspected plant, must display the ‘pack date’ (the day that the eggs were washed, graded, and placed in the carton).The number is a three-digit code that represents the consecutive day of the year (the ‘Julian Date’) starting with January 1 as 001 and ending with December 31 as 365.Are there some guidelines for how long eggs are safe to eat? USDA assures that all labeling and claims made on the carton are truthful and accurate. of Agriculture Food Safety & Inspection Service (USDA/FSIS), "By understanding the coding on the egg cartons, chefs and bakers can determine the freshness of the eggs.Sell By Date: Though not required, most egg cartons also contain a “sell by” date beyond which they should not be sold.


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